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What makes IZI so attractive?

10-04-2018, 01:25


Like other parents/families, I wanted to look for a good environment for my son to study and speak English well.

During that time, my son wen to IZI in 4 or 5 months. I realised that he did everything with IZI and thought about IZI at anytime.



What makes IZI so attractive?

I found the reason by going with my son to an event of IZI, not for hearing from anyone

My first time with IZI was at Land Coffee shop. I saw something strange, something good, something attractive, especially are the organization and MC:



IZI is perfect

With charming and attractive MC

Different, funny and intelligent members

Young and good at their profession



"Buổi đầu là ở quán Cafe Đất Nguyễn Công Trứ..."


In the second time, I wanted to observe how my son hold an outing event with IZI. This model event was quite interesting and new. It occurred at Nguyen Tri Phuong High School. In this event, I became an observer and supporter for my son so I can see everything. It was an outing event that discover the traditional villages around Hue through/by English. I had a lot of feeling for this event. I am impressed by the professional organization, discipline and high spirit of teamwork.


Chương trình The City Inside do IZI Huế tổ chức

Tối 7 giờ đến 9 giờ cùng ngày, tôi được dự buổi truyền năng lượng cảm hứng và chia sẻ vượt rào sợ hãi khi học Tiếng Anh của anh Trần Gia Thông. Với sự kiên trì của một phụ huynh, đồng thời đóng vai là học viên tôi nghe từ đầu đến cuối buổi. Trong 3 tiếng diễn giả đã làm cho hội trường sôi động , bằng các câu hỏi tương tác kết hợp các động tác thể dục chăm sóc nhau vui nhộn. Bằng sự say mê và diễn đạt linh hoạt cả Tiếng Anh và Tiếng Việt, nên nhiều phụ huynh vốn Tiếng Anh ít ỏi như tôi cũng phần nào cảm nhận được, anh đã “ thôi miên” mọi người bằng nhiều loại hình ngôn ngữ:

Mắt cười miệng nói vui tươi
Hấp dẫn cuốn hút ngàn người ngồi nghe
Đầu giờ chẳng những im re
Giữa giờ cuối buổi càng khoe biệt tài
Trải nghiệm không có đúng sai
Cảm hứng tương tác chẳng ai muốn về




IZI - là tiếng Anh - là Cộng đồng

I used to study English at high school, nearly 6 years. After that, I study English to get an English certification. It didn’t give any inspiration although I know how important it is in Globalization age. The reasons may be the content, the teaching, the demand or the conditions, etc. I wish that studying English of IZI could be applied at high schools. An 3 - hour event is held every month can make student study English better and love English.


Ước gì phương pháp học Tiếng Anh của IZI được các trường THCS và THPT phổ thông hiện nay áp dụng

In August 2016, I registered an event with IZI member at Cua Lo beach in Nghe An province. When I came here, my youth came back. We slept ,ate and played together, Capola tribe. During the 300 - kilometre trip, when I went with 150 people, I really realized that Event Department of IZI was active, talented and open - minded.


The event was active with lots of moving

It was also creative and spread out widely

People contributed to the event silently

With their own works connecting to each others


Cua Lo is an ideal place which is beautiful, clean, spacious and safe. The leader, marketing, supporter and content of the event attract many attendants. Especially, the experience ideal of overcoming the fear with imagination was the most attractive. Playing looks like studying. There was no pressure and gap between the young and the old, the boys and the girls. Everybody was equal, happy and friendly.



Hành trình Capola tại IZI Vinh tháng 8/2016

At night, we sat by the campfire near the mysterious beach and listened to the sharing from the young people about the stress of studying, the stress of being imposed by family and teachers.
I realized that IZI is a place where young people share their joy and sorrow. A place that you can listen to each other, feel sympathetic and love each other, know how to stay away from stress and enjoy. I hoped that these families could listen to their children’s feeling.

To win the game, you have to use English and apply, create many things into reality. You should also activate your own ability to solve problems. Coming to IZI, you come to the world of laughter, youth, innocence and humor.


Đến với IZI là đến với nụ cười, đến với tươi trẻ, hồn nhiên và dí dỏm .

Don’t be afraid of speaking English wrongly when you come to IZI. Just say what you like. Don’t be afraid of being stereotyped, laughed, judged, punished or criticized. You are encouraged and inspired to communicate with foreigners.

Within 6 events, I realize the value of IZI for community through the variety  organizations.


Bác Văn Đức Nhân chia sẻ tại buổi Talk Show "Người làm cộng đồng" - Kỷ niệm 2 năm IZI Huế


IZI begins from scratch and show “the product” is the value of life and the passion of sharing the way to be good at English for community unconditionally. Discover, expand the environment and spread the love throughout Vietnam.


People coming to IZI can show believe in themselves and their teammates. IZI think that the more difficulties we have, the more leaders we have. Here are the values are spread to show the talent, mindset, vision and love in IZI. If young people grow up with these values, there will be numerous of CEO  and Founder in Vietnam in many fields without studying abroad.


On September 24th, 2017, I was present at the big event Zero to Hero with 1000 people from different ages and jobs in Full House hall in Hue. The participants were welcomed politely and friendly. The organization is professional and impressive.


Đại sự kiện Zero to Hero với gần 10000 người tham gia...

With 2 messages “Liberal Art” and “Make the fear of English into motivation” performed by  Mr. Tran Gia Thong in various feeling, he made “young people from Huong River” rise up, activate their passion and let them shine.


...và Bác cũng là một trong số đó

That what I know how IZI makes “English - the most difficult dish” become “the easiest one” for many people to enjoy and
Here are my experiences with IZI. And  I would like to share with everyone. Here are also all of my  love that I would like to give to IZI Members and CEO - Mr Tran Gia Thong


I have some compassion about IZI:

- Why is IZI a community sharing English & Vietnamese with a international quality ?

- Can IZI keep these value in the Globalization age?  

- Can "IZI storm" go into universities ?

- Which things can make IZI Members so energetic to contribute to community ?

- Why did managers and business in tourism in Hue still ignore IZI English Community ?



(September, 23th - 29th, 2017. Van Duc Nhan - Parent of Van Duc Hieu,  IZI Member in Hue).


Inspirational messeges

Helping people is the smartest and firmest way to help yourself.
Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English
IZI English Community
“IZI might be a bird which doesn’t make a spring. But when it comes back with a fleet of its kind, they mark a spring, the spring of people”
Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English
The bigger the challenges you are facing, the greater you are. Remember that a kite must go against the wind to be able to fly high.
Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English