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10-04-2018, 13:51


Tran Gia Thong - CEO & Founder of IZI English Community


There are 2 more days, 16/11/2017 - a remarkable day that I officially bring IZI to another country - Thailand after nearly 7 years of building and developing.


Why did I found IZI ?


I was born in a traditional family and grew up in an ancient city. My 18 years was defined by the view of prejudice, rumor and something “safe and stable” . Then, 7 years ago, on March 2017, I founded IZI from a simple idea that I want to create an environment to speak English. From this idea, after 2 years,  I made such a crazy decision that I gave up my job at FPT Company.


IZI at the first days of birth in March 2011 in Saigon


Giving up a job to follow a dream was quite popular at that time (there are so much today). Most of them are start - up or different kinds of  business. For me, however, the reason is either business or start - up, IZI is my BELIEF.


Looking back, I the reason why I founded IZI was so simple. But two factors that make this miracle are my endless effort and long-term vision.


And IZI of 7 years later with its presence in 6 cities


Even though no one in my family believed in me, I just began with my own belief. With this belief, I tried my best so much. And the most important thing is VISION. I wanted to study English, improve my English and began again, etc, I saw the values and values that IZI could bring to me. At that time, I couldn’t make a great result to persuade people around me. During that time, BELIEF & VISION lead me today.


Why did I bring IZI to 6 cities?


3 years ago, after establishing IZI on August 28th, 2014, I came back to my hometown - Hue City - with IZI.


IZI management team in Hue


Over 3 years, I could see the good values that IZI brought to us. They were not only about English but also mindset and courage.


For people , especially young people, MINDSET and BRAVE are the most precious and important possession that should be raised gradually, not money, job or position


Because MINDSET helps us:


- Make a right decision

- Be conscious when having troubles.

- See the value in the simple things

- Get knowledge from everything we do

- Oriente your life, your dream


BOLDNESS helps us:


- Not to get  broken down when facing difficulties

- Not to be misled by lusts

- Keep the faith and belief to everyone


It was these great values that combined with special English methods I discovered. I believed that these things would change our country and people including my family, my children, my beloved friends and unknown people.

Then,with this MINDSET and  BELIEF, I tried to spread IZI throughout Vietnam, from the north to the south,  urban to countryside, highland to plain and coastal area…


IZI landed in Thailand in November 2017


Since then, IZI has 6 branches. Wherever IZI goes, IZI states/shows great value. They not only  change your English but also help you become better.


IZI is so good that people can’t believe in what IZI can do.


The less people believe in my dream , the harder I have to try to make my dream come true. And such goodness truly exists in IZI everyday.


And now, IZI stays as a phenomenon many intellectuals and governmental officers pay attention to and give support. All of the efforts of 7 years of working are not in vain.


When we make enough efforts, good results will come.


Why did I bring IZI to Thailand?


Today, IZI is ready to be abroad. Here there are a lot of oversea students,  Vietnamese people, global citizens and global friends and knowledge.


In the oversea, Vietnamese people still have a lot of  difficulties. They are not only English but also human value, life skill, passion, orientation, etc The most important things are MINDSET & BRAVE. Since then, they want to have a better life and contribute to create beautiful image of country and people in Vietnam where they live.


IZI helps Vietnamese community connect with one another


Furthermore, IZI will help Vietnamese community especially young Vietnamese in Thai and beyond Thai connect with one another better. Hence, Vietnamese can be able to help one another more and make more new values.

With journeys of IZI, the attendants will certainly change their English, thinking, firm spirit (on global scale), skills and knowledge that are applied in every mission and task during the trip. All of these follow closely the motto: To improve living skills is to live real besides reading books and thinking all the times.


With careful consideration, I identified 6 criteria of this journey:

1. Self development

2. Discovery and Learning

3. English Skill Improvement

4. Teamwork and Connecting People

5. Value of Life

6. Vietnamese Images in Thailand.


The more I think, the more I long to spread IZI as far as possible to many people not only Vietnamese but also those who want to use this international language to find their own life orientation, passion and life mission so that they can change their life and lead a worthy life!


IZI shows Vietnamese images in Thailand


And it can be ensured that this does not stop in Thailand. There will be more trips to other countries.


As it is, IZI gradually makes the world truly better.


Tran Gia Thong - CEO and Founder IZI English Community



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Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English
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Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English
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