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10-08-2018, 17:11

I come to IZI as a destiny,  my first purpose is just to find a center to start again my English that I unknowingly forget.  But now this is the nursery for my love, my aspiration, and my youth. 


Here is not an English center - here is a education and training project IZI EDUCATION - taking human values as core values.

I was afraid of English, many times I burst into tears, picked it up and put it down, it seems like we don’t have anything in common thing, without passion and inspiration. Be Difficult! Too difficult for a beginner  - like me 


I was afraid of thick English textbooks, but I didn’t give up - I was determined to flirt with them from the beginning. And my luck is - Find the right place to consign. 


Mentioning about IZI EDU I truly proud, my heart  never stops beating and blood flows like reminding about OFFICE, a memory of COACH and TEACHER, about the values more than ENGLISH and IZI EDU bring.




Overcome many people to become one of 12 who deserve to stay in class. That time, I didn’t know IZI ENGLISH COMMUNITY IN HUE. But day by day I understood more, I admire young people, enthusiastic and talented people in this organization. 


The first lessons ... were so different, so crazy and so strange. It is true that the new method, the new way of learning English I have been contacted. From warm up to interaction games and during learning, the atmosphere is always fun, never feeling pressure, learn and play together. talking alone with onions and mirror as normal.


Luckily, I don't need to focus on the English learning materials I was obsessed with. There is no book for us because even if the book cannot write the good methods of COACH and TEACHER, our job is to acquire, practice and take note of what is needed. Take a head and receive a bunch of knowledge, sometimes on the way home from school I often remember and muttered practice without getting bored.


IZI EDU and the lesson always keep in my mind, make English go into the memory naturally and easily. Daily I was taken care of and build up by daily tasks, 2 teachers and coach they are enthusiastic, always devoted students and help students very much. Now I can say I love English so much! Oh my God!! I miss so much! Just remember deeply …


We here because of better English but we receive more. My class is a special class.




yes, this is a special thing that I can’t find anywhere. Every time I go to class, my heart is like opening, running out of my chest to find other hearts to tune, share and understand. 90 days is not too long but the time I receive the most during my youth.



Listen - understand - feel - sense - follow. 

How much time for me to understand two spiritual words if don’t have IZI. IZI EDU is the place where insprise “value” inside me. 


It is said that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” That’s right, firstly just see, hear from others but I don’t know what is that. But over time, through the way members in IZI community in general and IZI Edu in particular, convey the action, words, style of work, I realize and know many things. That is correct “The things start from the heart, will touch the hearts.” 


two words “VALUE” touched my heart and now I am grateful, cherished, appreciate and become my motto  "I want to be a valuable person before I become a successful person"




I still learned more. I learned from everyone. The frog's well is small, that the A-shaped’s eyes and  O-shaped’s mouth when was known, the mind was opened.

Each one around us is a valuable book. I learn to listen to feel more, I learn how to open my soul to find the same tune with other souls.


I learn the progressive thought, mindset from companion to have a new experience, a new lens and learn how to sense myself to look back all, find a new sky. 


the frog's well is much more opened. 90 days but it can be said to change my whole life, taking me to a new page, a new horizon, "The soul with flowers- The mind with more knowledge - The heart with more love".


Now I have become a Fellow of IZI ENGLISH COMMUNITY in Hue. I am proud that the blood flow in my body belongs to the enthusiasm of IZI, continue the good things, and together build a more developed community. I am grateful to the IZI EDU - inspiring place.


Details:  https://goo.gl/sQ5zdm

Introduce about the training course: https://goo.gl/KokXRe

Register in August: https://goo.gl/NVBZQR

Register in September: https://goo.gl/87m7Hq


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