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14-09-2018, 01:52


As a lobby event of “ZERO TO HERO SEASON II - BREAK THE LIMIT”, the opening day of “English Project for students” was successfully held at Hue Industrial College and Hue College of Economics – Hue University.


Students of Hue Industrial College came very early


Check-in zone


At 5.00 pm on September 13, when the program was not started, the students of Hue College of Economic were queuing in a long line in front of the check-in table to attend the event with eager and curious faces, even though they just had finished the last lesson of the day and hadn’t had supper.


At 5:30 pm, IZI officially opened the door. The queue was getting longer as attendees came.


At 6:00 pm, in lecture hall room 5 on the 4th floor, row B was filled with nearly 100 students.  They were looking forward to a new English activity that they had never experienced before. That promised many interesting things, real values are waiting ahead.


Getting warmed with warm-up game


Filled will excitement and laughs...


IZI MC fired up the students with energy and enthusiasm


At 6:30 pm, the atmosphere was getting hotter and hotter by the warm up game of the MC, which blew up the excitement and enthusiasm of the students. They played hard, worked at full capacity and also laughed really hard by the game. In this way, participants had fun while learning English. It was only the first time we met, but IZI and the close friends were familiar, the people interacted, they laughed and laughed as if they had been close for a long time, connecting people with people closer than ever before.


Two hours went by, there were a lot of group interactions...


Two hours went by, a series of collective English interactions, group interactions and personal interactions still taking place non-stop in the lecture hall of the previous days filled with homework, today was filled with English atmosphere FUNNIER - EASIER - BETTER of IZI.


Group and personal interactions took place continuously


Challenges were made to dare the confidence of the groups and people. They were shy at first but then gradually became more engaged and confident in themselves. Attendees stepped on the stage, spoke English, did presentations and even danced to show off.


Getting more confident...


... standing in front of the crowd and sharing


An atmosphere with full of laughs


The atmosphere of bursting, hilarious, full of laughter from beginning to end of the event. "Sharing the value of life", the final part, really settled, to conclude a meaningful day; because the students not only communicated in English but shared their stories to the others as well. 


The hurdles and concerns on the road to conquering English were suddenly and honestly spoken out. IZI listened, others listened to understand each other better, and came up with a better solution together.



At the end of the event, we were able to give each other tight hugs - hugs of people who might just have just met for the first time. The slogan is chanted "ZERO TO HERO - BREAK THE LIMIT" by dozens of young people from the Hue college of Economics as promising the future Dare to think, dare to do, dare to surpass the limits to conquer the highest levels, not just the students from Economics College but tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, will be for students of Pedagogy, Foreign Languages, Agriculture and Forestry, Medicine or Tourism Department.


All in all, whoever you are, a student or a worker, old or young, you need the opportunity to break through on yourself.






IZI believes that today was the first event, the start of a series of journeys to Hue universities, colleges and high schools to stimulate the passion of English, enthusiasm and spirit. DARE TO THINK DARE TO DO, in order for us to be more successful, not to mention something big, but most importantly, surpass ourselves, in English and other aspects of life.


Today, September 14, IZI continues to visit the Faculty of Tourism of Hue University, so that the journey continues, the value is spread. Let’s wait for us. The  next stop will be the University of Economics in the second issue of Project.


Watch more about the event.




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