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Prof, People’s Teacher, Nguyen Lan Dung - Mentor of IZI Vietnam English Community visited iziOffice of IZI Hue

26-09-2018, 01:05


On September 25th - one day before "Breaking the youth limit" talkshow with nearly 300 young people, Prof, People’s Teacher,  Nguyen Lan Dung who is currently the Mentor of IZI Vietnam, came to Hue city. Uncle Nguyen Lan Dung was scheduled to stay until 17:30 and would take a flight back to Hanoi on the same day.


 Appearing with a simple wide white shirt, trousers, and sandals despite his high position as a professor, a people’s teacher, a National Assembly Delegate, a Senior Country Specialist, Uncle Nguyen Lan Dung visited iziOffice IZI Hue and spent 2 hours talking and encouraging the whole team.


Prof, People’s Teacher Nguyen Lan Dung signed a book gifting to IZI Hue


Opening an intimate conversation with nearly twenty members, Uncle Nguyen Lan Dung signed IZI Hue for more than five books that he wrote. He said that even though he was 80 years old he still read books everyday and read everywhere to summarize, "I bought 100 books, many of them you haven’t read, so I read them for you. After I finished reading, I still wrote and posted them all in the "Read for you" section of the website http: // giaoduc. net.vn/ "- Prof. Nguyen Lan Dung shared.


Follow the article of Prof. Nguyen Lan Dung: here


The intimate conversation revolves around youth, such as reading culture, how to live and contribute to society. Uncle repeatedly repeated "Youth must have strong will, to live is to give, giving is getting back"


He said, "Always do something useful, so that at least people will know you have lived."


IZI Hue getting excited about his sharings


With his journey to 30 countries around the world, Prof. Nguyen Lan Dung has a huge treasure of knowledge and is always ready to share with young people of the country. He said he went to speak at nearly 50 high schools in the North, even though he was 80 but he still worked, and was passionate about working, because that was when he was living, living, not surviving. He said, "Always do something useful, so that at least people will know you have lived."


Also in the evening meeting on 25/9, IZI Hue on behalf of CEO & Founder Tran Gia Thong as well as IZI Vietnam held a warm birthday to celebrate 80 years of Professor Nguyen Lan Dung right at iziOffice with the best wishes to Uncle.


IZI Hue represented IZI Vietnam to celebrate Uncle Dung’s 80th birthday


Prof. Nguyen Lan Dung was very moved and thanked IZI Hue and IZI Vietnam: “Looking forward to meeting IZI Vietnam, I wish IZI will be a bigger, more effective and more effective organization, keep helping  Vietnamese like, be good at English and use it effectively when the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is very close to us ”


The Prof, People’s Teacher  was getting ready for the "Breaking the youth limit" Talkshow tomorrow (September 26th), and hoped that Hue youth would have a very inspiring and energetic Talkshow from Uncle Ho. Are you ready with IZI?


Details: here

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