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What makes an ENGLISH COACH different?

06-10-2018, 09:51

Most of the time, you often hear the word “teacher”. So What makes a coach different from a teacher?

1. Focusing on understanding

Most teachers and learners immediately start trying to learn and change. But both of them forget that it is necessary to identify the right problems, to have the understanding and the connection between the teacher and the learners, then the efforts will truly be effective (Effective).

In particular, with the role of a coach, he must really understand the "pain" of his learners, from which to present a roadmap suitable for their own Skills, Knowledge, and Attitude.

Because those characters will shape a learner. A teacher who is in a hurry, only focusing on skills, not a positive attitude, then surely the learner will also be very superficial, try harder and generate more negative energy (Negative Energy).

 Coach must really understand the "pain" of the learner ...

So the first difference is understanding. And to truly understand, the coach must be the one who has gone through the pain to feel what the learner is going through. And most importantly, having the Mind big enough to be the role model for students to follow.

Indeed, Coach must be a role model to inspire and learners to imitate both Skills, Knowledge and Attitude, not just teaching skills and knowledge. That's why most of the old-fashioned classmates are not inspired or motivated. So most people will give up soon because of their lack of positive energy.

... and the Coach must have been through those pains to feel it


2. Liberating learners  (Personal Development)

(* Liberation = Enlighten + Unleash)

Studying partly brings knowledge and understanding of work (Job), study (Study) and life (Life). But most important, it is the learners themselves who have the understanding of themselves from Strengths and Weakness, Spirituality, Orientation and Passion.

By professional methods of combining "other" elements will create a positive energy large enough, affecting Emotion and Awareness of learners. Learners, therefore, will act in a drastic and proactive manner. New results will be generated from the learners themselves.

 (* Launch = Enlighten + Release)

Through that training, learners will discover and better understand themselves. They will appreciate themselves more, their effort (Effort) and time (Time) more. They will become more confident and make more efforts to develop themselves.

3. Orienting future development

After being trained, learners will be aware of their own development. The coach will continue to help learners find their future. The future development path is suitable for the learners themselves. Each learner is a different being and cannot have the same path and the same future for all. Each person will have his own characteristics, wants and future.

The coach will help them to find their own way by their own internal power, will and goal.

The coach will continue to help learners find their future path.

Not only to solve problems and overcome difficulties in the present, but beyond that, the coach will help his learners draw their future and always keep moving forward and reach the goals.

4. Power of motivation

This is the most distinctive strength of the Coach compared to traditional teaching methods. The coach will help learners create their own strength on the basis of stimulating motivation and sustainability towards the goal.


 ... and help learners build their strength on the basis of arousing motivation and sustainability towards the goal.

Not forcing , not for fearing, not for achievement, Coach will use Method and technique, combined with energizing yourself to help learners overcome difficulties with their own positive energy.

Just like that, the more trained, the more motivated and motivated learners become. They will increasingly have more energy (Energy) and determination (Determination), more effort towards the goal.

Great effort, combining with determination, motivation, and inspiration will be a way for learners to become stronger and more brave on their own dream path.

5. Special training method 

No more boring lectures, white board, papers, passive listening, Training is a good combination between:

  • Sound, light, images and music
  • People, emotions, wills
  • Actions, words, body language, ....

Coach Tran Gia Thong with special training methods for large corporations - Unicons

  • Practical lessons, inspirational motivation and deep thinking
  • Smile, tears, ... with the emotions
  • Practicing on the spot, the results see immediately
  • The logic of the program circuit, combining location elements
  • REWARDS of large numbers
  • ... And there is more.

6. Independent and sustainable development (Independent Learner)

And finally, when the coach is no longer around, the learner will continue to try and develop himself (Self-development) based on the trained platforms and methods to self-develop. exploit your strengths, create positive energy, inspire motivation, and be aware of his own path to the future.

At this time, the learner will become independent, no more dependance on the coach. They will continue to learn, continue to develop themselves along with themselves.

When the coach is no longer around, the learner will continue to try and develop himself (Self-development).

And I am English Coach TRAN GIA THONG.

Based on special knowledge, experience and methods, I have trained over 100,000 people across Vietnam, trained for senior managers, directors and leading Vietnamese corporations (FPT, Masan). , Unicons, ...) for almost 10 years.

And just a few more days, October 14, 2018, a special English training program for nearly 5000 people. An event of history. An event that I believe anyone sitting in that room will be FOREIGN FIRST TIME. And then they themselves will be aware and determined to change, not only English but also their own lives.

Keep going!

Tran Gia Thong - English Coach

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