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IZI appeared on Forbes Vietnam

07-10-2018, 13:32


IZI appeared on Forbes Vietnam - October 2018 issue

In the final rushing days before Zero to Hero English Super Event - Break the limit, IZI received the good news when the information about Zero to Hero appeared on Forbes No. 65 - October 2018 - one of the Reputable magazines on economics, education, and society.

The article begins with a story in the era of 4.0 with the challenges that humans face when machines can take the jobs of 400 million people - four times the total population of Vietnam. And to survive in this context, two important groups of people are human resources and the ability to innovate. Vietnam's human resources are at an average level - Vietnam's labor productivity is only equal to 1/12 Singapore and lower than Laos. And the ability to innovate below average (according to Forbes).



With these concerns, IZI cherished the series of Zero to Hero events, aiming to solve two problems: 

  • English of Vietnamese people
  • Leaders of young people

Why is English?


Because English is a global language, an open door to the world. In Vietnam, many young people are learning English as a must-learn language, but sometimes they forget to learn English, even more deeply, to know what English can be used. In English, if you only focus on 4 skills of listening - speaking - reading - writing, you will find it difficult, dry and boring, but if used correctly, English will become a tool to expand knowledge, liberating thinking, global integration.

"English is the door to the world"
Therefore, IZI has been creating free English programs every week so that everyone can come to practice, use English, and together with the Department of Planning and Investment of Thua Thien Hue Province create Zero to Hero season 2 - Break the limit to reach the most people, expand the thinking of the most people in learning English as well as in life.

What is leadership ability?

When it comes to leaders, people often think of being a leader, having a subordinate to be the leader and forgetting something very important: Leading yourself.


Leadership is about helping the group towards a common goal. But we forget about finding ourselves a goal, choosing a way to live for ourselves. This makes most young people lack the flexibility and sensitivity in thinking. Young people often try to equip themselves with a lot of skills, but when they do not know how to determine their direction, they often learn a lot but do not apply much.


That was the reason why IZI chose the message of Zero to Hero season 2 as "Break the limit". Because you want to break the limits, first you need to connect with yourself, understand yourself, then determine what are the strengths and weaknesses, and what you want to aim for. These things are very difficult for a teacher or trainer to do, but need a coach. A trainer is a person who focuses on understanding the learner, thereby helping learners to open and guide the future of self-development in an independent and sustainable manner.

"A coach is a person who focuses on understanding the learner, thereby helping learners to open and guide the future of self-development independently, sustainably"
Global integration in the era of 4.0


At the same time, to "survive" in the 4.0 era, everyone has to upgrade themselves. The non-profit organization “The Partnership for 21st Century” including leading policymakers and educators in the US, has studied and identified four essential skill groups (abbreviated as 4Cs), the foundation Fundamentals for young people to develop in the 4.0 era. With these concerns, IZI brings the 4Cs model into English to help young people develop comprehensively:

  • Communication: how to learn English to communicate, not just boring reading - writing
  • Critical Thinking: a technique to apply English in combination with critical thinking, thereby exploring the ability to think, reason, analyze, increase flexibility and efficiency in solving all problems.
  • Creativity: a way to increase creativity to stay innovative and interested in learning as well as maintain interesting conversations in communication
  • Collaboration: a way to use English to create affection and connect with people
"4Cs" - 21st Century Global Skill Kit
Thanks to Forbes for trusting and posting about IZI and Zero to Hero - Break the limit. With the mission for an integrated and breakthrough Vietnam, Zero to Hero is going to the final stages of the journey, ready for a valuable event on October 14.

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