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From heart to heart

17-10-2018, 19:03

“ beautiful sunny in the afternoon 

the whole city wakes up after several days of being submerged in the first rain.

Today Hue is turning ...

Today - the IZI’s wave burn into the super event ZERO TO HERO! "

Citation from a guest comment from “ZERO TO HERO 2  BREAK THE LIMIT” event on October 14, 2018


IZI has persisted for  8 years with the desire to make a difference, IZI cherish ideas and determination to the end for a new Vietnam, for young people to expand with five continents, overcome their fears.


The enthusiasm and energy of IZI - I  felt that when that event finished, to me was memorable moments.

The moments that I entered super event, witness thousands of people flocking towards the same destination. Feeling magical, IZI! 


The scorching sunbeams of Hue city after the first rain were no joke, reflected on the sweaty faces of the collaborators, IZI stood at the entrance to keep order and welcome students. Everyone worked hard!


IZI has a civilizational, organizational with a beautiful smile. Sometimes I asked myself, where is your energy to keep working in a quiet Hue city? IZI really proved to a foreigner like me, Hue is not pensive, Hue is not sad, just the energy of Hue has not broken  yet!’

Because it was a super event, we had to wait a long time to stabilize and the opening speeches. During the two hours of waiting to see Mr Thong again after ZERO TO HERO season 1 that made everyone tired. I asked myself again, How will he restart the atmosphere?

Finally I found him on the stage with the collaborators, pushing  the atmosphere jubilantly and energetically. By that way the heart can inspire the heart! Only the heart can reach it!

He was leading  to a young generation who dare to think, dare to do, dare to challenge. He repeated:

"Wrong - no problem! Do not be afraid! Never be afraid! “


“I believe in you” IZI believe everyone. We believe together.

“Try your best” Hey my friend, myself, we try our best together. 

“Oh my god” - Look at that, 5 thousands people stand up, clap hand, dance together, the moment of young people rise up! So amazing! 


How to continue blow that determination up here, IZI? How can that belief, that power live, burn forever?


I watched it many times, but still move to tear here! Thank you IZI for always reminding me the endless power of willpower, thank you IZI for making something from  familiar to different!


The journey is too long, I used to doubt, people used to  doubted, tired, tasted with enough failures! Thank you, IZI going on an 8-years journey, proved that the road is long, the journey is far, but IZI is going, IZI has seen success, IZI's Leader has returned from that success to guide IZI. IZI support each other to lead young people like me go and saw the result.


IZI always encourages each other to KEEP GOING!
KEEP GOING! KEEP GOING. Create a source of energy is not trivial, an intense spread and attractive young people like me!


IZI pushes me to BREAK UP!

Following IZI for 2 years, finally I was fall in love with IZI

I met the collaborators when I leaved , I said: "Bye IZI!". Goodbye not to end, but to start a new relationship. I wait for the next recruitment collaborator of IZI! IZI attracted me like that!

Thank you Mr. Tran Gia Thong, thank IZI, especially IZI Hue, it is meaningful to meet you in Hue’s land , where I accidentally move without bringing much expectation!


IZI deserves the love from the community!


IZI Go for it !

Hà Mi - Participant in "Zero to Hero 2 English Training Event - Break the limit"


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