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IZI EDUCATION is an Intensive Education and English Training Project running in IZI Hue with the desire to create an educational system with all the elements: MOTIVATION - METHOD - HABIT - ENVIRONMENT, for English to be a favorite and interest, not forced learning.


IZI EDUCATION has successfully trained more than 100 students, received many positive responses and amazing changes of learners after only 3 months of training.


"Everyone has their own potential

Let IZI awaken that potential in you."


1. Special training model:

  • Including 1 coach and 1 lecturer / class
  • Two sessions /week with lecturers in class, the remaining time the coach will follow up the progress with daily English tasks.


Model combination:

English + Motivation, Human values, Life values + Soft skills

(confidence, ability to stand in front of a crowd, connecting people)


The training model consists of a Lecturer in class combining a Coach (English coach) at home


2. Training methods:


Methods created by IZI after seven years of doing community:

  • M.O.I and MO.TO.SO methods: start the mouth muscles and "practice the vocal" before learning
  • "Rainbow intonation" method
  • Self-talking method: learn English through the mirror
  • Warming up games to create excitement at the beginning and recall the last lesson naturally.



Interactive English activities before, during and after the lesson, helping students enjoy and absorb the fastest knowledge according to exclusive method of IZI.



3. Comprehensive development through support of IZI community ecosystem


In addition to intensive English training, IZI has an ecosystem combined with complementary to enhance training effectiveness:

  • Model of weekly English events: creating an environment and increasing the practice, English interaction at cafes such as iziShare, iziBreeze, ...
  • Outdoor activities EXPERIENCE ENGLISH, using English in the entire journey such as: DAY OUT (explore traditional villages in Hue), The City Inside, iziDiscovery (English to communicate with foreigners ) ...

Weekly English events create a continuous training environment


Additional English picnic programs in the ecosystem

4. Training courses available

  • "Complete English pronunciation in 60 days": Correct phonetics and intonation for all levels, prepare a solid foundation on the path to conquering English.
  • "Introduction to English communication in 90 days": English communication level 1 - basic level: grammar in communication, how to make sentences, form sentences, ways to communicate, talk to others ...
  • "Break through communication English in 90 days": English communication level 2 - high level: English presentations, debate debate, reflexes fluently speaking …

5. Course objectives

- English:

  • Creating real inspiration and love for English learners through fun, new and effective English interactions, learning without coercion or scores.
  • Training model for learning in the classroom and at the same time taking care at home, aiming to create ENGLISH HABITS for students in their daily life.

- Skills:

  • Motivating and arousing passion of learners not only in English but also in life, with dreams and aspirations.
  • Boosting confidence when communicating, when giving presentations, speaking in public.


Training skills through specific interactions


- Human value:

  • Creating an environment to connect people with people, not only a regular classroom, but also sharing, sympathizing, telling stories and connecting.
  •  With the motto "Everyone has a hidden potential, let IZI explore that ability in you" - IZI aims to arouse not only English but also many other potential possibilities in similar activities. cooperation, training soft skills so that you have the opportunity to DISCOVER THEMSELVES.

Not only English, IZI also has a connection, sharing between people


English actual pizza order directly in English


Teaching motto at IZI: Learn from HEART - teach from HEART


If you want to unleash your inner potential, try IZI EDUCATION to start exploring!

Sharing of IZI EDUCATION students: here

Student results after 2 months: here


IZI EDUCATION fanpage: here

November registration link: here

Hotline: 0343 619 061 (Ms. Loan)




Inspirational messeges

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Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English
IZI English Community
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Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English
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