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31-01-2019, 19:29

TET TALK  - A PERSISTENT JOURNEY OF PASSION is the opening show for 2019 of the IZI English Community in Hue with the desire to build a community of young people who have active, civilized and passionate lives.

The program took 3 hours with sharings from Mr. Tran Gia Thong,  a speaker as well as an English coach. Returning to Hue, his hometown during the Lunar New Year 2019, Mr. Tran Gia Thong and IZI English Community of Hue successfully organized a special event, Tet Talk - Steps on the path to passion.

During Tet Talk, more than 100 young people joining in the program had a great concern about "PASSION".


In your opinion, what is PASSION? How can we identify passion? How can we have enough great passion to pursue and fulfill big dreams?

"To have a great passion, we must start from a small passion. A small passion can come from every little thing in daily life. It is the positive feeling, the desire to discover and fulfill the things we are doing. The problem here is how to accumulate and turn those small passions into great passions, then we can realize big dreams.The answer will be: Habits, discipline, hard work, perseverance, and creativity. If you want to have a great passion, learn how to improve your own values, form good personalities. Sometimes it is not about skills and knowledge, but it is about ATTITUDE: Working attitude, learning attitude, life attitude. When Tet comes, spread the values. " Mr Tran Gia Thong shared.




He shared more about the way young people are seeking for their passions:


"Advice for young people seeking for passion:

Learn to be a responsible person,

Learn to love and help people,

Learn to appreciate from the smallest things in life,

Learn to do good from small everyday tasks,

Learn how to try, endure and overcome difficulties,

Learn to listen and understand.

Instead of always searching for your passion unconsciously, be aware of the good things you are learning. Until one day, your passion will come to you.

Because Passion is diamonds. And only when you are a Diamond, you will be able to see and attract Diamonds around you.

When the New Year comes, spread the Values. "


Inspirational messeges

Helping people is the smartest and firmest way to help yourself.
Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English
IZI English Community
“IZI might be a bird which doesn’t make a spring. But when it comes back with a fleet of its kind, they mark a spring, the spring of people”
Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English
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Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English