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Top 10 most memorable photos of iziShare after more than 4 years IZI Danang was established

14-08-2019, 19:34

In Da Nang now, when being asked about quality free English programs, we always mention iziShare of the Vietnamese IZI English community. However, not everyone knows about the journey that iziShare has persisted through. Today, IZI looks back at the most memorable moments of iziShare!


1. One of the first shows


Since iziShare was held from the first day in 2015, it started a new trend of English speaking in Da Nang city. The first members were directly recruited and trained by IZI Founder - Mr. Tran Gia Thong to fit with the most essential elements of the organization, which are "Mind - Vision - Talents - Values" - Community". The format of iziShare is a free English activity every Sunday afternoon at fixed cafes, the first address IZI chose was Lerio Coffee in Son Tra district. The number of participants are on average from 100 to 120 friends per program.




2. Moving the venue of iziShare for the first time


It was difficult for the participants to move to the coffee shop was far from the center. So, IZI decided to change the venue to Lyn's Coffee (28 Bach Dang Street) to make it easier for movement. This is also where the F2 generation of IZI Da Nang met, nurtured and grew up together.


3. Celebrating one year of operation

A special program was held to celebrate iziShare's full year of operation, this is also an opportunity for the IZI team to look back at what we have done in the past and what we need more efforts in the near future. The program was attended by IZI Hue Chief Representative - Ms. Tran Thi Thu Thuy, who is also the Vice President of IZI English Community in Vietnam.


4. “Sprinkle English salt” - the special iziShare Outdoor program

Held at 29/3 park, IZI would like to convey the message of learning English in a "more salty" way to Community. Instead of thinking of English as a pressure, a score, we can play with it, see English as a friend who always exists in every little corner of everyday life, from which we can learn English in an easier, more fun and much more effective way. The program "Sprinkle English salt" has been a great success and left a great impression not only for the young people in Danang but also affected  IZI Vietnam system in the way IZI conveyed the message.


5. Moving house for the second time

Moving to The Homes Coffee on K125 Ngo Gia Tu, IZI Da Nang found a true home. From the warm welcome and help of the owner, IZI's programs became very warm and exciting.


6. A warm Christmas

The program was organized by the management team and new generation team members of IZI Da Nang. Christmas was really warm when the program could listen to many meaningful sharings and wishes that participants wished for each other.


7. IZI’s Current house

In June 2018, the number of friends participating in iziShare increased suddenly many times, causing The Homes Coffee to have no space. Once, IZI's long participants had no seats so they invited each other to another room to play together ... playing and singing together, it was an extremely memorable memory for IZI.

Finding out The World Coffee after more than a month of searching, IZI Da Nang decided to move here in August 2018 with a larger space.



8. A photo of "Community People"

The joys and sincere thanks are the greatest gifts that the IZI team received after each program ended. Maintaining a non-profit community organization is very difficult, which is even more difficult when 90% of the current IZI Da Nang members are in the student ages. However, with the culture and skill system cultivated from founder, IZI always constantly strive to move forward and spread more values to the Community.


9. Ms. Thuan - A special participant at iziShare Da Nang


Ms Thuan is a retired English teacher. She is 65 years old but she is still participating in IZI's iziShare programs. She said, "I come here to study English, I think you're never too young or never too old to learn English." Learning English with her is definitely a joy. This joy helps her to be more lucid and to live younger in the present time. Ms. Thuan has also shared many times about valuable lessons that she has experienced in izishare.



10. The surprise visit of the teacher


During a short business trip in Da Nang, IZI Vietnam's English community advisor - Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Lan Dung spoke to IZI Da Nang's staff for chatting, sharing and sending.



This is a great motivation for IZI's "Community people" at the present time to try harder and harder on the road ahead.


Inspirational messeges

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