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25-01-2020, 15:13




In the spiritual feelings of transition from the year of the Pig to the year of the Rat, all our hometown and nation welcome a new decade. On behalf of IZI English Community in Viet Nam Team, I sincerely send a new year wishes to all of you. Sincerely I appreciate the accompany of partnerships, professionals, mentors and other partners who did, do and will accompany with IZI. 

May Community a new year of peace, health, happiness and success in life.


2019 is a remarkable year with unforgettable milestones of IZI Viet Nam, in which there are 5 points creating the deep and spreading impact on community in a passing year: 

  1. Promoting and Generating new and potential Leaders Generation of IZI English Community in Viet Nam. This mission has now been leading by Young Leader truthly with the basement of Core Value and Vision - Mission which is established by Founder IZI in the past nine years. 
  2. IZI in 5 branches (Sai Gon, Hue, Da Nang, Ha Noi, Vinh) maintain 05 English weekly events for free every week with purpose of creating a positive English community where we nurture human’s core value, spread the inspiration and positive motivation to young people. 
  3. Value of the Youth, the Spirit of Leaders and the love for our nation has been transferred into a variety of outdoor activities in 3 regions (the North, the Central part, the South) such as Capola, Day Out, The Hue Inside, Green Journey, Train to the Childhood, …
  4. The first time when Outdoor English Project has a chance to pitch at Start-up & Innovation Festival TECHFEST Hue 2019. We have risen the capital from investors successfully, and become a startup in the area of Tourism Education, head for the ambition of education through experience in community. 
  5. IZI in Hue has officially become the strategic partner with Hue Institute for Development Studies. We do the English for Community - upgrading the English level for people in Thua Thien Hue. This has been known as recognized milestone for the development of IZI in 9 years which lead IZI to be a key component in the development of City. 


Having been in 9 years, this is the first time when I have seen that my Young Leaders in IZI Viet Nam stand on their own feet and have lead IZI Viet Nam in confident way. I am touched and am proud of the achievement of Leaders and Members of IZI Viet Nam. Moreover, I stay in peace and focus on generating a new vision in a new decade, which is EDUCATION DREAM heading to 3 objectives: 

  • International Language 
  • Global Skill 
  • Human Knowledge


I believe that Community Value and English has made profound impact on Growth Mindset and Leadership Mindset, now which continue to combine with the Power of Education. This is definitely a new and sustainable orientation of IZI English Community in a new decade and then it will contribute to build up and new leadership generation with Mind - Vision - Talent to be the main owner of our nation. 


Once again, I wish all the partners, schools and businesses, organizations and individuals who has accompanied and put the belief on IZI and me and other young people a New Year of security, good health and prosperity and may a myriad things go according to your wills.

Try your best! 

Trần Gia Thông

Founder & CEO IZI English Community


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Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English
IZI English Community
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Mr. Trần Gia Thông , CEO & Founder IZI English
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