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Other special events

Event takes place monthly at IZI IZI in 6 cities



In addition to weekly events, IZI also has a lot of special events, such as :

Day Out: An English outing event, real experience combining cultural tourism in Hanoi.


A Day Out discover Thanh Tien handmade paper-flower village in Hue City

A Day Out discovering handmade-hat village in IZI Hanoi.
iziStudent: English for students at University and Colleges in Vietnam, with more than 200 participants from each university.
An iziStudent with 500 attendants at Dânng City University of Education
iziTraining: intensive English training about soft skills: interview skill; communication skill


iziCapola: An outing event - communicating in English with 10 seasons - held in 5 cities in IZI Vietnam: Saigon; Hue; Da Nang; Vinh; Can Tho

An experimental English event CAPOLA in IZI Da Nang
An experimental English event CAPOLA in IZI Da Nang

The City Inside: An English project combines with local culture to discover the secret spots in their hometown. It is held successfully with three seasons in two cities: Hue and Da Nang


The City Inside discovering traditional trade village in Hue City

The series of English events “Zero to Hero - Making the fear become motivation” in 3 cities Saigon, Hue and Vinh.


An event in Hue with nearly 1000 participants


The series of events “BE PROUD OF VIETNAM” in 6 cities:


Be Proud of the Youth in Hue

Youth under the Sea in Vinh

Leng Keng Hà Nội in Hanoi

Đồng Đò Campaign in Hanoi

Was’up Đà Nẵng in Da Nang


Television channel and journalisms broadcasting news about IZI: (Read more)