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iziDiscovery - Discover the lives

A weekly event held by IZI Ha Noi IZI DISCOVERY is now in IZI Hanoi



iziDiscovery is a weekly real-experience English event aiming to provide English environment and help participants enhance their English reflection as well as discover the lives.


What does iziDiscovery have?


In three hours joining iziDiscovery,  you will not only discover English but other interesting things in life as well. “Free talk” and “Warm-up game” help to connect among participants and with IZI. “Lesson” is the time when you discover a topic of culture, history, cuisine, tourism of Vietnam.


iziDiscovery with the slogan “Discover the lives”


After having new words and knowledge about the topic, you apply them into reality in “Challenge”. All of the participants are divided into groups and overcome the challenges from IZI including communicate with foreigners, share about the topic and do a challenge together (There are different challenges for each topic)


Finishing the “Challenge”, teams gather at starting point and share about memorable moments and lessons in “Review” part


What does iziDiscovery give you?


iziDiscovery develops your ENGLISH REFLECTION IN REALITY when you meet, talk directly with global friends in a guided professional way by Academic team from IZI English Community.


iziDiscovery gives you the opportunity to practice SOFT SKILLS. Besides English knowledge, you also learn soft skills such as communication skill, leadership skill, teamwork skill, problem solving skill through team discussion and sharing with foreigners in “Challenge” part.


Enhance your English reflection in reality and practice with foreigners.


There is a different of Vietnam’s culture, cuisine, history and tourism topic every week. You can discover the lives through English lesson combining with exciting interactions. Then, your knowledge and vocabulary get richer.


Who is iziDiscovery for?


Everyone who wants to enhance their English reflection in reality.


The ones who love to discover and experience


The one is finding motivation to study English in any levels.


The event is now in IZI Hanoi


How to join?


Follow our  Facebook’s fanpage and register at the link to join every week.


IZI Hanoi’s fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/IZI.HaNoi/


Register HERE!