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Wa's up Đà Nẵng

A yearly event held by IZI Da Nang Da Nang




Wa’s up Da Nang which belongs to Be Proud of VietNam season 2 of IZI English Community was held on 12th March, 2017 to celebrate the 6th birthday of IZI Vietnam. Wa’s up Da Nang brought the message “Spread English throughout Da Nang” with the desire that one day youngster here can say “What's up” with foreigners, showing the hospitality  and kindness of Da Nang.


What does “Wa’s up Da Nang” have?


“WA’S UP” is a very popular greeting instead of “Hi” or “Hello”. This way of greeting carries a fun but energized spirit and it especially impress others by its friendliness and hospitality. “Wa’s up Da Nang” is the place to meet of hundreds of youngsters that together building the habit of using “What’s up” to greet each others, through that we eventually laying a foundation in English in each individual.



“Wa’s up Da Nang”- Spread English throughout Da Nang is the event’s main message


The event was carried out successfully, bringing not only chances to practice English but also to promotes the beauties of Da Nang city to the tourists from the landscapes to the people. Let us be proud of Da Nang.


Besides, by join the event, guests can directly be tour guides for the actual tourists in Da Nang which is another way of passively improve English in each individual. Additionally, a series of meaningful activities are held such as, cleaning the street, teaching English, flashmob dancing,... and so on have made “Wa’s up Da Nang” an unforgettable impression in each guest.



To learn English and promote the city’s beauties at the same time


The event attracts many youngster.


What can you get from “Wa’s up Da Nang”?


A new energetic and youthful breeze will bring lively English to you daily so you can keep on loving it.


An open environment filled with interactive experiences that enhance team working, communicating reaction, social integration,...


A chance to know more about the city’s interesting things. To love and to be more proud of Danang, the people and the country.


English - Valuable Youth - all will be packed neatly inside “Wa’s up Da Nang”


English - Values - Youth, are you ready to be with IZI?


Who is “Wa’s up Da Nang” for?


All the youngsters - who wants to improve their English, find motivation, love experiencing, be energized and create a bigger circle in the community - is welcome to join the event.


How to join “Wa’s up Da Nang”?


Follow our website and fanpage IZI Da Nang and get the link to the registration form.

Link to our fanpage :https://goo.gl/gwUNCn