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Đồng Đò Campaign - Camping English Event

6 AM, April 29th to 4 PM April 30th, 2017 Dong Do, Minh Tri Commune - Soc Son District, Hanoi



The 2-day-1-night event in which participants play as soldiers of the battle and win on March 30th, 1975. This event belongs to serie “BE PROUD OF VIETNAM” from IZI English Community.


What does Dong Do Campaign have?


Dong Do Campaign is a trekking tour with 36 hours dipping into English environment at Dong Do - a wild tourist point with ranges of mountain.


During the event, young people are trained with survival and soft skills, activities and interactions in English to enhance reflection and using English in reality.


The event was held by IZI Hanoi


During 36 hours without using smartphone, participants seems to forget their normal life and totally join as soliders fighting together. Starting the first day with the message “Insisting on the fight, having sure win”, challenges follow the line of history reappearing big fights during milestone of April 30th.


Experiences only IZI has


At night, soldiers enjoy their victory by singing, dancing and telling story around campfire. The second day continues with the message “Peace returns, work for daily life. Young people take new responsibility - being farmers and doing work together including chicken catching, cooking, sharing and playing traditional games.



The event is held to celebrate the serie “BE PROUD OF VIETNAM” of IZI English Community


What does Dong Do Campaign give you?


Heroic moments, interesting things,opportunities to use experiential English and connecting inside community are things Dong Do brings to you.


Moreover, through historical interactions, young people can feel the power of unity, the strong belief of Vietnamese soldiers during war time. Then, they love and fight for the country.


How to join?


Follow us and get updated on our website or fan page to register and get ticket.

Information about held events:  http://bit.ly/DongdoCampaign

IZI Hanoi’s fan page: https://www.facebook.com/IZI.HaNoi/