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English Buffet - Culture Experience Discovery

14:00-17:00, 23/10/2016. 16A, Văn Minh, Mai Dịch, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội.



This English-using show will help you have an in-depth knowledge in Hanoi’s cultural which concurs with capital city’s dishes: Green Rice. The show will be held by IZI Hanoi to CELEBRATE IZI HANOI’s 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY.


What does English Buffet have?


Being held on October 26th 2016, “English Buffet” creates opportunities for you to freely use English completely in 3 hours. English Buffet is like a colorful tea party thanks to the Youth, Green Rice, lotus leaf, tea leaf and a variety of Hanoi autumn’s goods.



Competitions between teams should be really intense to surpass one another in several challenges from collecting materials such as young sticky rice, lotus leaves, pound and rice stem, then grind them all in rhythm and atmosphere of the crop. This is the zing of the show that will help youngsters to practically discover Hanoi Green Rice ‘s recipe and how-to in excitement.


And that also is the message that IZI Hanoi wants to deliver: spread the cultural knowledge, the history that seem to be uninteresting in a funny and exciting way through the energetically experiencing with the youth. Following that, the Youth shall understand more the beauties of our kind and spread the words to friends across the globe.



Last but not least, the tea party with green sticky rice, fruits, baked goods which is held in a very elegant way will end the show with inspiration.


What can you get from English Buffet?


English Buffet sets up an exciting English-speaking environment that increases your English reaction. By that, we could understand more about the history, the culture of Hanoi in a fresh and youthful approach.



Moreover, by using a series of interactive activities, your team working, problem solving skills will be enhanced while you work your way to the final products.


Besides, with the attendance of  many youngsters coming from all over the world, English Buffet is a multicultural environment that fits perfect for people who want to share and learn from and each others.


Who is English Buffet for?


Everyone who wants to improve their skills, especially their English to apply these in real life.

Everyone who loves to discover history, culture and exchanges culture with friends from all over the world.


How to join us?


Follow our fanpages and get direct information about us and registration forms.

Fanpage IZI Hanoi: https://www.facebook.com/IZI.HaNoi/

Registration from: http://bit.ly/English-buffet