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Leng Keng Hà Nội - Culture Experience Discovery

8 AM to 6 PM, March 26th, 2017 Bat Giac House (Behind Ly Thai To Statue)





A cuisine race right at the Old Quarters. “Leng keng Hanoi” is an event of the second serie “Be proud of Vietnam”. It not only helps you have opportunities to practice English but understand better about Hanoi’s cuisine and the beauty of capital’s culture as well.  From that, young people feel the proud of a young generation, the country and truly live for the country.


What does “Leng keng Hanoi” have?


“Leng keng Hanoi - Hanoi Cuisine Race” is a race between teams that each team has to overcome ten challenge station from “Head of station” to find out “Secret messages” from the event.


A special event from IZI Hanoi


During the race to find out the secret message, all teams wear non la while running around the Old Quarters, use English for ten hours and overcome hard but interesting cuisine and culture challenges.


Overcome teamwork challenges….


…use your English and creativity in activities


After teamwork challenges, “Ring the golden bell” is the last chance for teams to find the secret message. The one who find out the message can enjoy Hanoi Cuisine Party and receive special gifts from IZI.


What does “Leng keng Hanoi” bring to you?


- Upgrade your English reflection and sof skills (communication, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, observation)


- Discover famous cuisine places at the Old Quarters and know more about Hanoi’s cuisine and culture


- Recharge your energy after long hard-working days with other young people


A lot of students coming to the event


How to join?


The event is celebrated by IZI Hanoi. Follow and get updated at website or fanpage to register for ticket


Facebook’s fanpage: tại đây

Event’s link: tại đây