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Time: 5.30 am - 9 pm, 25th - 26th March, 2017 Address: Truong Bon historical sites - Cua Lo beach - Vinh





“YOUTH UNDER THE SEA - LIVE NATURALLY” is an outstanding English outing event held by IZI Vinh. This event belongs to the 1st season of Be Proud of Vietnam project - IZI English Community, celebrating the 6th birthday of IZI Vietnam with nearly 100 participants.


What does YOUTH UNDER THE SEA have?


As a purpose of making a brand new environment to practice English and boost English reflection, the 36hour-speaking-English event is hosted in 2 days and 1 night, from 25th to 26th March, 2017 bringing the most excitement out of participants.


The candidates had a chance to go to Truong Bon


Truong Bon is a historical sites which shares its root with Nghe An - a sacred land that witnessed sacrifice of the young generation of the rebellion against the America. Participators are separated in teams in which they role play as comrades in the war with bandanas, broad-brimmed hats and together join a war stimulation through a numbers of interacting activities. In the final round, all has to crack the final code - Truong Bon symbol - to pass the finish line.


"Youth Under The Sea" is held by IZI Vinh on 5th - 26th March, 2017


Moreover, beside English, this a also a chance for young people to experience culture and history through travel, double life experience and awaken the love for the country responding to the journey of Be Proud of Vietnam of IZI English community


Beside English, this was an opportunity for young people to experience Vietnamese culture and tradition through travel


What do you get from “YOUTH UNDER THE SEA”?


“Submerging” yourself in English throughout 36 hours from interacting, talking to eating will be the perfect environment for your English to thrive. Opportunities to talk in English will also enhance your language reaction in life.


IZI creates opportunities for you to discover and observe Truong Bon historical geographic landmark and moreover to submerge yourself in the flow of the history in order to indepthly understanding about Nghe An, the historic Vietnam and awake your pride for your country.


IZI also created a chance for the candidate to go sightseeing Truong Bon historical sites


Besides, trying one day leaving the busy pace of the city life to forget about work life. Connecting with new companions is also a great way for you to recharge your positive energy. A series of exciting but meaningful quizzes, games and interaction that.


Moreover, English interactions help to enhance candidates soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, etc




You need an environment to speak English without being afraid, shy, unconfident?

You are young, enthusiastic and want to discover, learn and study at the same time and still enhance your skills?

You just simply want to leave the city to find something new?


It doesn’t matter who you are, if you have the same desire of the youth, let’s join with IZI!


How to join “YOUTH UNDER THE SEA”?

Let’s follow IZI on our website and fanpages to get the registration form!

IZI Vinh fanpage: https://goo.gl/SvYiaS