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Be proud of the youth - Experiential English

Time: 6 am ( March 25, 2017) - 4 pm (March 26, 2017) Avenue: Phu Loc fishing village - Hue



Presented within the IZI English Community’s series of events BE PROUD OF VIETNAM which take place simultaneously all 10 cities with the goal of simulating real-life English environment and, as a result, awaking the prides  in the beauties of the country. In Hue, “Be proud of the Youth” is a 2-day-1-night English- experiencing event which discovers daily lifestyle of Vinh Hien (Phu Loc) fishing village though a series of fun activities. the program is held with the cooperation between IZI Hue and IZI Da Nang.


What is in “Be proud of the Youth”?


For 2 days and 1 night, there will be motorbike- travelling, English- interacting throughout the journey, discovering cultural specialties of a fishing village by actually living with them, making Banh Bao, fish sauce, exploring Tam Giang and the Fish market at dawn.


2 days - 1 night English outing event in Phu Loc fishing village, Hue


Candidates observed the way of making fish sauce...


...and also “banh bao” excitingly


Enjoy “Tea at dawn” upon Phuoc Duyen tower and talk with the head monk who will share us about values of life are the activities that will excites 50 young guests and give them chances to gain some thoughts about life matters and its never-ending meaning - seeking journey and its meanings.


Enjoyed mist tea in Phuoc Duyen tower ...


... and listened to the discourse of Master Monk.


What do you get from “Be proud of the Youth”?


Experiencing English throughout 2 days and 1 night will improve communication skills as well as team-working


Besides, as a small travelling tour, we will discover the lives,the beauties and the cultures of Vietnam in a more in-depth approach in order to be more proud of Vietnam just like our slogan “BE PROUD OF THE YOUTH - BE PROUD OF VIETNAM”


Experienced boating in Tam Giang lagoon. It is  more than an experiential event, this was a journey of “BE PROUD OF VIETNAM”


How to join “Be proud of the Youth”?


For those who love traveling and exploring.


For those who want to be better at English  and teamwork skill.


For those who seek for connectivity among the society and communities.


Let’s join IZI!



Please follow more information through our website and IZI Hue fanpage

Fanpage link: https://www.facebook.com/IZI.Hue/


Event link: https://goo.gl/7ky2q2