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1.00PM - 7.00PM, Saturday, December 15, 2018 IZI Sài Gòn





Attracting 120 people to the event, “4.0 English - Orientation to future” belongs to a serie of events celebrating IZI Vietnam’s 7th birthday reaching to youngsters in the rising industry 4th revolution.


What’s in the event?


When the 4th industrial revolution is developing and robot will gradually replace human in doing works, mastering English and other skills is vital to open a new future and helps young people not to be replaced by machines.


“4.0 English - Orientation to future” with updated content


4.0 English contains methods of learning English in era of technology amd applying technology into learning and real life in order to fluency in using English as native speakers.


Taken place in March, 25th, 2018, the training course was in the hands of Coach  Tran Gia Thong - CEO and Fouder of IZI English Community, who has trained for groups of company including FPT, Masan. During ten hours, participants had experienced new learning methods, play and interact in English to change immediately their confidence, improve their reaching and using language skill.


Activities in ten hours with a lot of English interactions


Additionally, the event helps you realize that while the society is developing, love and connection among people are the most important things to decide the difference between us and machines. The value of life, family love and human’s love are the orientation to future and made the complete ending of the event.


Besides English, young people got a better understand about people’s values...


….value of life, love in industry 4.0 era

What does the event give you?


- Realize the importance of English in industry 4.0 era

- Master English through 4.0 learning method by IZI

- Interact directly in the event

- Orient yourself in the future, realize the true value of life to differ human from machine in industry 4.0 era


Master English with 4.0 English method by IZI


Young people in Hue ready to intigrate

Who’s this event for?


Everyone who is filling with question about future, orientation and gets a desire to change your English and also yourself.


Prior to people from 18 to 30 years old


How to join?


Follow and register at


IZI Hue’s fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/IZI.Hue)
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