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iziStudent - English for college students

2 pm - 7 pm, 11th May, 2018 Conference hall A - Vinh university - 182 Le Duan street, Vinh




Going through ten  seasons, three cities (Saigon, Hue, Da Nang), 10 universities and colleges in Vietnam, iziStudent, an English event of IZI English Community for college students, has motivated more than 2.000 students over the country.


What does iziStudent have?


Most of the students lack methods and motivation to learn English. That is the reason why iziStudent brought FUNNIER - EASIER - BETTER English to schools, making it become much more interesting instead of being hard and boring.


iziStudent in The University of Science - Ho Chi Minh city with nearly 300 participants


Besides English, using the points of view from many enterprises, the event helps you prepare your lifelong companion for your career and your youth journey.


That is the integration in this 4.0 era including skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, etc. These skills help you orient your future, realize the values of life, develop them and be worthy to lead the country.


iziStudent held by IZI Hue in Hue University of Education with 200 participants


What you can get in iziStudent?


Master new English learning methods developing from the roots, starting your learning journey from excitement rather than enforcement and theories.


Have opportunities to meet and learn from guest speakers who have been succeeding in life as well as observe their opinions and their experiences.


Have chances to interact with other young people who have the same viewpoint, dream and desire


500 students took part in University of Pedagogy - Da Nang University


Who is iziStudent for?


Any college student who desires to better your English for a greater future.


All enterprises and organizations that need  people who are young, bold and enthusiastic can register to come and share in the event.

iziStudent with IZI and enterprises


How to join iziStudent?


iziStudent was held in May, 2018 in Vinh:

- Time: 2 pm - 5 pm, 11th May, 2018

- Avenue: A Conference hall - Vinh university - 182 Le Duan street, Vinh


(iziStudent in other cities: Please follow IZI on our website or fanpages of IZI English Community in 6 cities)