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Day Out

25/11/2018 IZI Ha Noi, IZI Vinh, IZI Sai Gon





What is Day Out?


Day Out is a monthly event combining real experience with cultural tourism, aiming to enhance participant’s reflectional English. Through one-day trip with friends from other countries, you will discover not only the beauty of Vietnamese culture but also the beauty of other cultures.


Day Out in IZI Ha Noi


What does Day Out have?


With the slogan “ Travel - Learn - Discover”, Day Out brings to you


The opportunity to TRAVEL - We will travel by motorbike on roads and see the beauty of Vietnam.


The opportunity to LEARN - We can learn new things, live a different life and MAKE typical products by ourselves.


The opportunity to DISCOVER - We can discover the cities and villages to understand and feel the beauty of Vietnamese culture.


Opportunity to experience interesting real activities


What will you get from Day Out?


Enhance reflectional English


Travel and discover new places, typical cultural beauty


Have real experiences through interesting activities


Exchange culture and make friends from around the world


DAY OUT with the slogan “ Travel - Learn - Discover


Discover the beauty of nature and culture of Vietnam, learn from other cultures in the world through foreigners


Who is Day Out for?


Day Out is for everyone who loves traveling, discovering and speaking English.