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iziStarter - English for starters

6pm - 9pm every Thursday Updating




IZI Starter is for the ones who just start learning English. By providing methods and routes to study English, each participant can find his suitable way in a Funnier - Easier and Better way.


1. What does IZI STARTER have?


IZI STARTER runs in 210 minutes and starts with Free Talk part in which you can interact with your table-mates. Do not worry if you cannot speak English since IZI members will help you.


Then the event continues with a warm-up game full of fun activities to help you enjoy English making English getting easier. The game leads to a lesson part that has been prepared as one in the planned lesson curriculum appropriate for starter of English such as pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary-learning methods, grammatical structures, etc.


iziStarter - English for starters of English


iziStarter - English for starters of English

2. What can you get from IZI STARTER?


IZI STARTER gives you an environment which helps  you DARE to speak, DARE to interact with others in English and get used to that language. As a result, you can develop your English reflection .


IZI STARTER also earns you self-learning motivation. Vocabulary, grammatical structures, learning methods are shown to you so that you can learn them at home and attend this event every Thursday to learn more and practice.



IZI STARTER provides you vocabulary - grammatical structures and learning methods


3. Who is IZI STARTER for?

The event is suitable for those who have just started speaking English or who are shy to speaking, who  do not know where to start or who lacks reflection in English communication.


Do not worry if you cannot speak English since IZI members will help you.


Just come to iziStarter every Friday


4. How to attend the event?


IZI STARTER is available in IZI Saigon. To attend,  just follow up and register your attendance with the link HERE.


iziStarter - English for starters of English