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Depend on each city 6 cities in Viet Nam: Sài Gòn, Huế, Đà Nẵng, Hà Nội, Vinh và Hải Phòng




IZI Vietnam is currently running different event models including Weekly events. They are celebrated at coffee shops and welcomed by young people in six cities in Vietnam.


With the slogan “Funnier - Easier - Better” English, IZI have made English easier to learn and memorize through funny activities such as warm up games, teamwork, presentation in front of people. This has created an ideal environment for everyone who wants to improve their communication English skill.


There are different formats of weekly events held in six cities.


iziShare - Phonetics and Intonation


iziShare brings foundational English knowledge to participants such as learning motivation, pronunciation, vocabulary and a series of effective learning methods.


You will be energized and realize that English is not that hard if we know how to approach. However, IZI is just the environment, you yourself are the most crucial element. You must be the one who develop habits and sustain motivation. You must be patient and stubborn to archive the best result.


iziShare is now available in IZI Hai Phong, IZI Hue and IZI Da Nang.


Register at: here



iziBreeze - Shoot the breeze!


The most significant remark of iziBreeze is that the program can boost up the confidence and reflection in English communication in a more effective way - Truly right with its meaning “shooting the breeze” by organising interactive English situations in which the learners have to solve the problem right on the stage just like the game show “Thanks, God! You’re here!”.


iziBreeze is now available in IZI Hue


Registration link: Here



iziTalk - English for Presentation


iziTalk is a weekly event to help learners of English practise English communication skills, especially presentation skills with its 99.9%-English-only environment.


iziTalk is now available in IZI Sai Gon


Registration link: HERE




iziStarter - English for Beginners


iziStarter is perfectly ideal for those who need to learn English from scratch. Supplying appropriate  English-learning methods and curriculums for beginners, the event is aiming at helping every single individual find a suitable way to learn English - all for one motto “Funnier - Easier - Better”.


Registration link: HERE



Cafein Talk - English Connection


It would be interesting if learners of English have their partners to help one another on the way of conquering English. Yet these friends are not easy to find. Cafein Talk was born to give a solution by providing an environment for youngsters to connect with one another, discuss and develop their language foundation.


Registration link: HERE



iziDiscovery - English for Discovery


iziDiscovery is a weekly event to provide a a real English speaking environment for guests so that they can improve the  reflection in English communication and take part in discovering activities in many aspects of life.

Now the event is available in IZI Ha Noi


Registration link: HERE