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"Zero to Hero English Training Event - Break the limit"




"Zero to Hero" is a big English training event which was organized by the IZI Vietnam English Community with the aim of changing mindset, motivating, inspiring and helping Vietnamese youth to conquer English,then be ready to integrate into the world.

"Zero to Hero" season 1 was successfully held, attracting nearly 2000 participants in three cities of Saigon - Hue - Vinh, conveying the message "Turning the fear of English into motivation". Following the success, "Zero to Hero" Season 2 will be launched in October 2018 in Hue with the name "Zero to Hero English Training Event - Break the limit"

Zero to Hero journey begins a new season to arouse passions and wing for dreams, and encourage Vietnam youth to be dare to think and do, dare to overcome the limit from Zero to Hero! Are you ready to join with 5000 other young people on that journey?


"The English training event Zero to Hero - Break the limit" is organized with the purpose of:

  • Sharing exclusive English training methods accumulated by the IZI English Community in Vietnam over the past 7 years, has helped more than 200,000 people speak English better.

  • Generating motivation, inspiration and spirit to be ready to breakthrough all barriers and limits of yourself, thereby evoking hidden possibilities.

  • Prepare world-class luggage with English and other necessary skills "for the integration and breakthrough of Vietnamese generation".

  • Spread the message "Break the limit", connecting people by English and values ​​of life.




Young people in Hue in particular and the country in general are:

1. Having difficulty in conquering English: fear, loss of root, lack of inspiration, no suitable and effective method.

2. Having a certain level of English, but not knowing the practical application in the era of revolution 4.0.

3. Being interested in English and seeking to find more inspiration, new learning methods.

4. Being lack of motivation to pursue your orientation, passion and dreams.

5. Developing mindset, practising global skills to integrate.




The event will help participants:

1. Conquer English by effective methods, thereby change the foundation of learning right in the program, including:


+ English with Right Brain 

+ English in the 4.0 era. 

+ Situational emotional reflection method

+ Mindful reflection questioning.

2. Having 4C global skill set - the essential skills of the 21st century combined and applied directly in English:


+ Communication: professional communication skills

+ Critical Thinking: logical and critical thinking skills

+ Creativity: creativity skills

+ Collaboration: cooperative skills to succeed

3. Collaborate with 5000 people to learn English, interact, and change together to be a young and integrated generation of Vietnam.
The unprecedented resonance of 5000 participants - learning English together - interacting together - pushing energy to the climax to get ready for a young generation to explode and ignite the fire of passion. And, do you believe that there is a hero in need of exploitation? Join IZI and 5000 people to wing your hero inside.


- IZI English community in Vietnam and hosted in Hue.

- Center for Investment Promotion and Enterprise Support - Under the Department of Planning and Investment of Thua Thien Hue Province




- HUE IC - Hue Industrial College

- HCE - Hue University of Economics

- Hue University of Foreign Languages




Speaker - English coach Tran Gia Thong


- Chairman of the Center for English Community Development and Young Leaders - a member of the Association Vietnam of Universities and Colleges of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

- Chairman of Leadership Incubator Social Company. 

 - CEO & Founder of the largest English community in Vietnam - IZI English Community with the scale of 7 cities and nearly 200 managerial members, attracting hundreds of thousands of English-speaking people every year.

- Speakers - Trainers inspire and explore the strength of more than 200,000 young people in 10 provinces (Saigon, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hanoi, Can Tho, Vinh, Quy Nhon) , Da Lat, Hai Phong) with a breakthrough English method in thinking.

- Professional and high-level English training at leading corporations in Vietnam such as FPT, Masan Consumer, Adam Khoo Learning Center, Unicons, ... with over 1,000 hours of training across companies, large and other small corporations.

- Speaker at TEDx 2018 - the event originated from America brings outstanding people together in each specific field to share with the community:

Mr. Tran Gia Thong used to be a speaker on TEDx Vietnam - a famous series in the world.

Detailed speaker information at: Tran Gia Thong

The kit includes:


- Take part in the event with coaching, training English and being motivated and inspirational from Coach Tran Gia Thong

 - Zero to Hero tips to conquer English according to the SPECIAL roadmap edited by IZI Vietnam after 8 years of community

- Kit and attractive vouchers from sponsors: Pizza DMZ, Gong Cha milk tea, Lotte Cinema ticket ...

- Guests registering before are arranged to sit in front to be easier to interact with Speaker