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With the participation of Prof, People’s Teacher,  Nguyen Lan Dung, Talkshow “Break the Youth Limit” will be held on September 26, 2018, which is in a series of lobby campaigns responding to the super English coaching event: Zero to Hero - Break the limit.

Targeted at young people, Talkshow brings new perspectives and thinking of Prof. Nguyen Lan Dung - who is an experienced person who travelling across the world and helping hundreds of young people succeed in their careers. Moreover, the event is where the participants open up their viewpoints, ready to push their young boundaries to make the incredible things that they have never dared to try.


And why IZI recommend Talkshow with Prof, People’s Teacher,  Nguyen Lan Dung to you?

81 years old - He is Prof, People’s Teacher,  Nguyen Lan Dung - Mentor for IZI English Community.
At first IZI met him and told him about our 7-year-community, he was always saying that he did not believe. Until now, he has visited 4 provinces and cities of IZI Vietnam. Anywhere he goes by, he always spends his time meeting his "yellow-clothed descendants" - an intimate name he calls.
He said:

- Once a month, he has 50 inspiring talks from some schools in Hung Yen, Phu Tho

- Upcoming, there are more sessions there. 

- Every time he has talks there, the press  will take him by car, plane and pay for all the expenses.

- VinGroup sponsors these talks, so take care of him carefully every time he talks.


Therefore, we are: 


Although the conditions are not sufficient, high level,  it is definitely the SINCERITY, the DESIRE OF CHANGING THE COUNTRY, the DETERMINATION on our face which makes him impressed.

The story of IZI, the story of youth and the encounter with him are like a fairy page in the middle of life. And this Talkshow, with the most respect and affection, IZI invites Uncle to come and give young people a valuable sharing meeting entitled "BREAKING THE CHILD'S LIMIT".
Dr. - Prof. - People’s Teacher Nguyen Lan Dung is now: 

-Delegate to Congress X, XI, XII

- Member of The Council of National Education and Developing Human



-Member of  Vietnamese Fatherland Front  People’s Committee 

- President of Association of Biologies in Vietnam


- Consultant of International Youth Fellowship


- He often has meetings with students from major universities throughout Vietnam. 


- Familiar guest and consultant of the program “Sinh ra từ làng” broadcast on VTV6 Vietnamese Television


- He is also known as “Mr.Know All”


Time: 13:00 -17:00, September 26, 2018

Venue: Hall D1 - Hue Industrial College (Front Gate, Nguyen Hue garage)


Charge: 30.000 VND (the original price: 150.000 VND) - 1 cup of Gongcha milktea has been sponsored by the organizer)

Registration link: http://bit.ly/Talkshow26_9