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6:00 - 17:30 Bau island, My Duc Village, An Lao District, Hai Phong city



What is Day Out?

Over 10 successful seasons in 5 major cities with more than 400 participants, Day Out is an English practical experience program combined with cultural tourism which is organized to improve English communication skills of participants. Through day trips with international friends, the guests discover Vietnamese beauty and culture and learn more from other cultures around the world.


With the slogan "Travel - Learn - Discover", DAY OUT is a place for visitors to take part in a true trip right in their home country, discover the beauty of national culture and learn English, teamwork, other soft skills through a series of stimulating interactions launched by IZI.


In a day of outing as its name - DAY OUT, the program gives you the opportunity to put aside all the chaotic work to freely explore with IZI and friends from four directions by some of team-building activities, community connection in English entirely, truthly English EXPERIENCE. Selected locations are usually traditional Vietnamese craft villages such as Thach Xa village - dragonflies-making one, Thach That - Ha Noi - bamboo butterflies villages, Chuong hat village (Thanh Oai - Hanoi), Thanh Tien paper flower village ( Hue) ..., young people are extremely excited to make their own products.

For the first time in IZI Hai Phong, we organize a program called "DAY OUT - RECHARGE YOUR ENERGY" that will give you an unfamiliar day to learn, to relax and to learn lessons, interesting things in life.
What will you get when joining Day Out in Hai Phong?

With the nature of the program is the backpacking by motorbikes, visitors get away from the busy life in city all to dive

in  peaceful, loving but also poetic atmosphere of Bau Island. Making products by handmade from the materials available here  is probably a highlight that leaves a mark in the hearts of every participant.
Besides, using English for 10 hours, DAY OUT helps you use English in an interesting and practical way, so that English can go into daily life in the natural way. In addition, the attendance of foreign friends creates opportunities not only for training with indigenous people but also learning from each other, making friends and exchanging cultures.
One day with DAY OUT, through team-building activities, outdoor activities will be the good time for you to learn how to work as a group, how to be a leader, how to coordinate with team members, learn survival skills, learn skills to overcome difficulties .... to lead a different life!
Planned content:

- Food Race: Experience harvesting agricultural products, wading in the lake to catch ducks, picking eggs, digging potatoes and other countless "dramatic" challenges.

- Happy Lunch: Making lights, making happy lunch in the cottage

- Discovery: Enjoy a unique feature of Bau Island

Pick up your backpack and go with "DAY OUT"!


Information about event: 

- Time: 6:00 - 17:30, Sunday December 16, 2018

- Place of gathering: Monument of General Le Chan

- Venue: Bau Island, My Duc Commune, An Lao District, Hai Phong

- Target audience: For all who have passion for English, outing, exploring and experiencing.



- Single ticket: VND 250,000 / ticket / person (including meals and practical experience expenses)

- COMBO ticket for 2 people: 200,000 VND / ticket / person (limited quantity)

Special offer:

- Single ticket is only 200,000 VND / ticket / person when registering and paying before December 6th. 

Book in advance here


0358 583 377 (Ms. Suong)

0799 009 902 (Ms. Phuong)