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13:00 - 19:00 Saturday, 15/12/2018 299/3A Ly Thuong Kiet street, District 11, Ho Chi Minh city





iziTraining - A special training course of IZI with the biggest purpose of dispelling the fear and getting to the root of the problem for not being able to communicate in English in 4.0 era. In parallel, other soft skills such as interview skills, English communication skill... with the direct training by English Coach Tran Gia Thong - Founder IZI English Community in Vietnam. 

300 minutes of training: immediate effect, applicable method, saving time, money, and effort. This is why iziTraining attracts people’s interest and is sold out very soon whenever it is public. 


This December, iziTraining only comebacks in Sai Gon, marking the return of Coach Tran Gia Thong after nearly 1 year of his absence from training programs in Saigon.

What can you get? 


✅ Level up your mindset and be able to turn English as your “bestfriend” by yourself.

✅ Maintain a sustainable motivation to learn English every day

✅ Create your own learning environment in every situation in your life, whether on the road or in the kitchen, in the office or even ... in the toilet

✅ Apply unique and surprisingly effective English method that you hardly find them on Facebook or Google. 

✅ Not only apply it for learning English, but also important skills and mindset is well applied in study and work

✅ 6 hours of training - lifelong application 

✅ Experience, apply, and change right away in the event. 

✅ Lifetime warranty at IZI's weekly events.



✅ Apply Liberal Art Education - a education trend of the leading countries in the world.

✅ Coach’s direct interaction, individual follow-up to solve each person’s problems. 

✅ WELCOMING THE TREND in the 4.0 era with the 4Cs global skill set (Communication - Critical Thinking - Creativity - Collaboration) applied right in learning English

✅ Experience the effective ways to use utilities such as Facebook, Google, Zalo...to practice English everytime and everywhere. 

✅ Direct training from English Coach Tran Gia Thong - CEO & Founder of IZI English Community in Vietnam with ten-year-experience, helping 200,000 people of all ages using English better. 

- Speaker of the biggest English event in Vietnam “Zero to Hero - Break the limit” with nearly 5000 participants. 

- Speaker of TEDx Vietnam in 2018.

- English Coach for leading companies in Vietnam: FPT, Masan, Unicons,…

(Further information about speaker:  facebook.com/TranGiaThong.Coach)


English 4.0 provides a way to learn English in the age of technology. It make use of technology applied in learning and life to improve productivity, increase the ability to use English fluently like the native speakers.

Being successful in Hue and Hanoi with nearly 300 people, English 4.0 helps participants learn English with new methods, play and interact with English in the program to change immediately both the confidence and language skills.



Moreover, the program helps you realize that as society are growing, the affection and the strings connecting people are the most important things that determine the difference between us and robots and machines. The value of life, values ​​and family affection, the love between people is the orientation of the future and the highlight of ending the program in a complete and meaningful way.


If you want to dispel your fear of English, register here: bit.ly/dkSE122018

>> Time: 13:00 - 19:00, Saturday, 15/12/2018 

>> Venue: 299/3A, Ly Thuong Kiet street, District 11, Ho Chi Minh city. 

>> Fee: 249k/ticket

>> ONLY 199k/ticket for registration and payment before 24h 9/12/2018. 

>> SPECIAL: ONLY 189k/ticket for Combo 3

Hotline: 0981.862.120 (Ms. Nhung)