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THE LEAPS - Leaps of Mindset, English & Global Skills

November 3rd, 2019 Grandvrio City Hotel, Da Nang - 01 - 03 Dong Da St, Thuan Phuoc Ward, Hai Chau Dist.




THE LEAPS - Leaps of Mindset, English & Global Skills

A coaching & training event during 10 hours through involving in projects which are based on neuroscience and mindset from Coach Tran Gia Thong - Mr. John. By that way, IZI aims to help young people to get well prepared for global languages and 21st-century skills, then be ready for international integration.

“Learn Smart - Not Hard” 

- You will still struggle with English study, continue to waste time, cost and your capacity if you don’t have a right opinion towards English. 

- Are you assured that you understand your brain and know how to maximize it to make your study more gentle?

- Which is the foundation that young people can lay on to open new chances for themselves? 

=> Find the answer in the event: THE LEAPS - Leap of Mindset, English and Global Skill to get ready for your dreams of life.



Coaching event during 10 hours which is based on: 

1. Neuroscience: Understand the operating principles of the human brain in the process of learning to improve the study more effective, and know the roots of maintaining the sustainable motivation from the mindset apart from emotion as well. 

2. 21st-century skills (4C Skills)

Communication; Creativity; Critical Thinking; Collaboration. This skills provides learners with mindset, lifelong learning ability and adaptability with unpredictable changes in the future. (for your references, What are the 4Cs?)


3. Mindful English reflection: Boost the speed of English reflection with mindset, use language technique to communicate actively rather than reflect in structural and learn-by-heart way. 


4. Project-based Learning: Education trends following the principle “assign project - collaborate with team - make a product”. In The Leaps, participants will do learn from your own projects under the instruction of Mr. John. ( for your references: Trends in Education 2019 )


5. Global Mindset: 

The sharing of Mr. John’s experience of going abroad, especially Melbourne, Australia (Top ten worth-living city in the world)



- Warm-up, networking 



- Morning part: Leap of Mindset 

- The operating principles of human brain in the learning process.

- How to maintain motivations from your mind? 

- Interaction: Get to understand your hurdles (ineffective learning, no motivation, no inspiration for work,...)


- Lunch



- Evening content: Leaps of English and Global Skills.

- Three fundamental factors creating the leaps of youth. 

- Interaction: Experience the popular English education trend

- Interaction: English mindset for integration.

- Do projects yourself under the instruction.  

- Learn 4C skill from the way of doing your projects 

- Understand yourself inside.

- Timeline of your leaps of life

- How to adapt all in your daily life.


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- Who want to improve your English 

- Who want to change a new taste for your daily repeated days.

- Who are seeking an environment for learning, socializing and improving (English, soft skills, mindset and attitude to life,...) 

- Who want to be out of comfort zone but no motivation. 

- Who want to have significant change in life. 



- Who have to have a memorable youth.



- Time: 7:30 - 17:30, Sunday, October 20th,2019 November 3rd, 2019 (please arrive 20 minutes early for better check-in) 

- Venue: Grandvrio City Hotel Da Nang, 01 - 03 Dong Da St, Thuan Phuoc Ward, Hai Chau Dis. 

- Ticket: 500.000 VND/ticket/person, including: 

  • 10 hours of training from Mr. John.

  • Venue free, lunch, drink and gifts. 

  • Materials and tools for projects 

  • Invitation to join talk show “English Before Your Leaps” between IZI Hue and IZI Da Nang which happens on October 27th, 2019 in Da Nang City. 

  • Online group about some sharing of English and other motivational stories - Ready to Leap

  • Chance to be members of “Hero Semester season II” in 2 months after the event. 

Especially, ticket for students: 350.000 VND/ticket/person 


- Nội dung buổi sáng: Bước nhảy tư duy 

- Nguyên lí hoạt động của não bộ trong quá trình học

- Làm thế nào để duy trì cảm hứng, động lực bền vững từ tư duy 

- Tương tác : thấu hiểu những khó khăn của bản thân ( học thiếu hiệu quả, thiếu động lực phấn đấu, mất cảm hứng làm việc,... )