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Born and bred in Hue city and used to be a student of Hue High School for the Gifted, Mr. Tran Gia Thong who now is CEO and Founder of IZI English Community was a software engineer and project manager at FPT Corporation 7 years ago. He then was the pride to his family and friends thanks to his stable job with a handsome salary. One day, all of sudden, he “revolutionarily” made up his mind to quit his job and opened a non-profit English community  - IZI English community.


At the beginning, IZI welcomed only a humble number of about 30 to 40 guests per month. And that number dramatically grew thanks to his great dedication to IZI and good results that attendants gained from the community.

Since then, he had to stop doing his favourite personal deeds to save more time for IZI.


IZI from first days of establishment March 2011


He even dared to give up his job to pursue  his passion for sharing English. “For many nights, I tossed and turned pondering over my destiny like a lost man standing at intersection with no idea to choose a path. One way was to keep the current job with handsome salary or another was to keep building IZI English Community with a vague future"


I thought I would lose all the fruits of my current jobs built in all nearly 10 years. That meant I needed to start from scratch. Eventually, I made up my mind to give up the job. I ended up  encountering a great deal of opposition from my friends, colleagues and family members. Nevertheless, I always consider it was a momentous decision." said Tran Gia Thong.


“To me, IZI might be a bird which doesn’t make a spring. But when it comes back with a fleet of its kind, they mark a spring, the spring of people”. That’s my belief. The positive change in English ability of Vietnamese people will spread wider from this kind of community”


Mr. Tran Gia Thong - CEO and Founder of IZI English Community.


After having quit the job, whenever he returned to his hometown - Hue city, he had to have meals with his family in an atmosphere full of tension. His parents only gave him a single question, “Who’ll pay you? What sort of money do you live by? And how will you live in the future?”. At the time, he could not be able to express his persuasive answer to them because he himself was placing a bet on IZI!


After then, he dedicated himself to building a plan to develop IZI English community such as preparing a lesson plans, building up a website, carrying out marketing strategy, etc. At times, this man worked twelve hours a day and had no time to meet his friends. Because his saving money was just enough for several months, he had to work as a personal tutor for officers in order to live on.


Nevertheless, those obstacles did not hinder his patience since he found his happiness when seeing the fact that young attendants to IZI broke the ice and communicated confidently.


IZI - English is easy


“Doing some projects with foreign partners and lacking English skills, many of my colleagues started to be feeble and lose the advantage to their foreign counterparts leading to a fact that they controlled the Vietnamese workers in return. Then I felt my national pride was negatively affected and wondered why while English is just a second language  in Malaysia and India, they speak it fluently. They go on a business trip in Vietnam and outdo us because our English skills are still weak.” said Tran Gia Thong.


It was that thought that urged him to establish IZI English Community with a motto that English is Easy and learning English should have to be easy for all learners in Vietnam.


A meeting at iziShare in IZI Da Nang

And the outcome after 7 years


Starting from a small club in Saigon, IZI now makes its presence in 6 cities such as Saigon, Hue, Da Nang, Hanoi, Vinh and Hai Phong. Over 200.000 people are helped to speaking English better every month.


IZI has made its presence in 6 cities: Saigon, Hue, Da Nang, Hanoi, Vinh and Hai Phong


With nearly 5 years of working at FPT Corporation as Project Manager in the international working environment full of foreign counterparts from the USA, India, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Mr. Tran Gia Thong accumulated great deal of experience in using English in the real and professional workplace.


Mr.Tran Gia Thong - English Trainer at “ English 4.0 - Future Orientation” in Hue


He himself orally gave hundreds of English lessons to ten thousands of attendants from 6 cities of various kinds like students, workers, English teachers, engineers, batchelors, etc. Every single public sharing of his reached approximately 1000 viewers about some major topics:


- Changing English learning method effectively

- Correcting pronunciation and mastering intonation

- Communicating in English despite levels

- Making English public presentation

- Ways to succeed in English interviews.

- Recipes to memorise English vocabularies long-lastingly and use them easily.

- 4.0 English - Future orientation


The special event iziStudent is on air to share English with 500 students at Pedagogy University - Da Nang University

Whoever learners are and whatever levels they are in, with one same sharing method, all learners can be able to speak English more confidently and more fluently. “Funnier - Easier - Better” is the motto of all lessons given by Mr. Thong.


Currently, he is training English at some emterises, personal classes and other organizations, especially FPT Corp and Massan Corp.


Nearly ten-year experience of sharing English at IZI with ten thousands of attendants from many corners of life has helped him gain insights how to sharing English in a way that has positive  effect on a majority of Vietnamese people. He knows obviously that every Vietnamese learning English always faces same problems.


Confidence in reflection and actuality in English are of paramount importance and they are considered as core values in all his lessons.


A special event with 1000 attendants in which Mr. Tran Gia Thong- an English Trainer- directly share English-learning methods.


He himself has publicly shared English learning methods with over 2000 students from a variety of universities and colleges:


1. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

2. Ho Chi Minh City University of Economy

3. Ho Chi Minh City Open University

4. Hue University's College of Education

5. Da Nang University of Technology

6. Hue College of Education


His biggest reason to establish IZI English Community is to help Vietnamese speak English better. “If I just go for teaching, I can only help tens of learners speak English well. If I build up a community with real and stable values, combine them with the connection of the community and my knowledge, I will definitely help thousands of English learners every month. It’s English that has changed my life and now I want English to help change lives of Vietnamese in a better way.” thought Mr. Tran Gia Thong.


Mr. Tran Gia Thong made his presence on TV channels:


1. VTV1 (on news program)

2. VTC (as a special speaker in Talkshow)

3. VTV-Hue (on news program)

4. TRT (on news program)

5. KTV  (on news program)


Newspapers that reports about Mr. Tran Gia Thong:


1. Tuoi Tre Newspapers:

- Printed newspaper - Special issue:

- Online Newspaper in Vietnamese:

- Online Newspaper in English:

2. Vietnamese Students’ Association Newspaper

3. Zing News

4. Thua Thien Hue Newspaper

5. Khanh Hoa Newspaper

6. Tin Moi Newspaper

7. Others....




3/2018: IZI was founded in Saigon with the mission of helping Vietnamese use English better in the era of globalization


12/2014: IZI Hue was born - the first IZI in the middle part of Vietnam


3/2015: IZI DA Nang was born


10/2015: IZI Hanoi was born - the first IZI in the North Decembre 2016: IZI Hai Phong was born


9/2017: Series of English events ”Zero to Hero - Turn fear to motivation”  through Saigon - Hue - Vinh with a total number of near 2000 participants.


9/2017: After series of English events “Zero to Hero - Turn fear to motivation” with 1000 attendants in Hue, Mr. Le Xuan Phuong - DMZ Group Director became the consultant of IZI English Community in Hue.


10/2017: After the event “Experience Right Brain Learning Method” in IZI Hanoi, Prof. and People’s Teacher Nguyen Lan Dung became the official consultant of IZI English Community.


11/2017: IZI reached Thailand - first milestone of IZI Global.