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Core values of IZI English Community in Vietnam




MIND - IZI is working from original value - “DEDICATION TO THE COMMUNITY” and everything is “FROM HEART TO HEART”.


VISION - IZI has the vision of becoming the leading professional English community in Vietnam, and expands internationally. IZI develops while keeping the vision and core values to complete the mission of helping Vietnamese people use English better in the Globalization age.


TALENT - IZI not only upgrades skills, profession and effectiveness in working but also looks for new ways, makes creative breakthroughs, with the mindset of a leader, works in discipline and knows how to inspire other people.


COMMUNITY - IZI is originally a community. Our community is shown by our teamwork and our love, teammate collaboration and toward to community development.


VALUE - IZI has a tendency to create the value of life, the value of human and the value of belief.


What is IZI?


IZI English Community in Vietnam is a non-profit organization which was founded on March, 2011 in Ho Chi Minh city. It is called Center of Developing English Community and Young Leaders (IZI) and belongs to Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges (http://avnuc.vn/).


VISION: Becoming the leading professional English community in Vietnam, and expands internationally.


MISSION: Help Vietnamese people use English better through practical and useful activities, and contribute to their better lives in the Globalization age.

IZI has developed for 7 years, understanding the values of community. IZI’ concerns are not only English but also the future and dreams. IZI is trying our best to improve and develop to meet humans need, belief and spread good values through community.


There are 6 branches of IZI in Vietnam which are IZI Saigon, IZI Hue, IZI Da Nang,  IZI Hanoi, IZI Vinh and IZI Hai Phong, have directly helped 200.000 people speak English better.


Over 7 years, There are 6 branches of IZI in Vietnam: IZI Sai Gon; IZI Hue; IZI Da Nang; IZI Ha Noi; IZI Vinh and IZI Hai Phong


What does IZI have ?


With the slogan “Funnier - Easier  - Better”, IZI wants to create the environment to learn English through practical and useful activities, helping young people have chances to learn and play with English and making English more exciting and interesting.


Besides English, IZI also shares the value of the youth, the value of the life to the participants to help them have the chance to get more knowledge and necessary skills in the Globalization age, such as critical thinking, teamwork, leadership and raise up their confidence in life.


Official activities of IZI  in 6 cities:


Non-profit weekly events (participants just pay for their drink at the coffee shop) including iziShare (in Saigon, Hue, Da Nang, Vinh, Hai Phong); iziBreeze (in Hue and Da Nang); iziIELTS, iziTalk (in Saigon), iziDiscovery (in Hanoi)

Special Events (with participation fee) occur annually on some special occasions like IZI Vietnam’s birthday on March: Zero to Hero, The City Inside, English 4.0 - Future orientation, Leng Keng Hanoi, Đồng Đò Campaign, Be Proud of The Youth, Inside Out...


IZI EDUCATION PROJECT - intensive training in English and soft skills for young people, held annually in IZI Hue.


Besides, there are a lot of special events of IZI:


iziStudent English for students at University and Colleges in Vietnam, with more than 200 participants from each university.


iziTraining intensive English training about soft skills: interview skill; communication skill.


iziCapola An outing event - communicating in English with 10 seasons - held in 5 cities in IZI Vietnam: Saigon; Hue; Da Nang; Vinh; Can Tho.


The City Inside An English project combines with local culture to discover the secret spots in their hometown. It is held successfully with three seasons in two cities: Hue and Da Nang.


Television stations and journalisms have broadcast news about IZI: (Read more)


The 10th iziCapola - held in Sai Gon with 60 participants in Dan Xay Eco-tourism resort on March, 2018
The 9th iziCapola held in Da Nang in Hoa Sen Farm in Hue in 2017
The big event “Zero to Hero” with 1000 participants
Prof Nguyen Lan Dung  - Consultant of IZI English Community in Vietnam
iziStudent with 500 participants at Da Nang University of Education - Da Nang University