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04-06-2018, 00:06


After finishing iziShare, IZI just saw a commitment from a boy who wears short-sighted glasses with the following content: 


“My name is Quang. I’m 18 years old. Next week, I will introduce myself to a stranger.”


Perhaps to understand the IZI’s feeling when saw this commitment and why is this commitment special, listen IZI to tell the story of Nguyen Thanh Quang - the owner of the commitment!


With those friends have participated in IZI's weekly program, it will not be difficult to confidently introduce yourself with strangers. But others had not much chance to interact with new environments, or do not have the confidence to communicate, this will be difficult, Quang as well. 


Quang is a high school student in Da Nag city. The first time comes to IZI, Quang was quite shy, afraid of strangers, taciturn and just talk when someone asked. But day by day, Quang had a positive change. He talked more, smiled more and care for other friends more. Especially, the previous iziShare, Quang dare to come on the stage to introduce himself among many people. Now he was not a shy boy, he became a brave and confident boy that stands in front of the crowd to share his opinion and thought. This commitment helped him to change a lot. 


IZI understood that each person is a genius, but the limit of communication skill will also hinder to show your ability. so IZI always tries our best to create an environment that really relaxes, non-judgmental for you guys to be allowed “not good”, to be wrong but you knew you were better. The most meaningful thing IZI didn’t work alone and always had a partner like Mr. Phung. When he came IZI, he had a chance to talk with Quang - Mr. Phung motivated to help Quang not only speak English better but also be more confident.



Quang is a typical example for hundreds of thousands of young people who thirst for a wonderful environment to develop themselves, overcome their comfort zone to achieve the dream. That is also the strongest motivation for IZI to satisfy the mission of helping Vietnamese people use English better and a great life in the globalization era. 

To close the conversation, IZI will wrap up with a slogan of the iziShare program: "Share English Easily", we can see more clearly the value of sharing, and is the motivation for IZI. to bring the IZI English Community to reach more young people.


IZI would like to express my sincere thanks to Nguyen Thanh Quang, Mr. Duong Dinh Phung and all special friends who have always accompanied and supported IZI.


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