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iziTalk - Practice Presentation

iziTalk is held every week iziTalk is now available in IZI Saigon



Held every week, iziTalk creates a 99.9% -English-speaking environment for attendants to practise English communication skill, especially public presentation skills.


What does iziTalk have?


It starts with a warming up with a 30-minute “Free Talk” time to help attendants speak with newcomers and improve English communication  skills in daily conversation.


iziTalk is now available at IZI Saigon


Then we move to the next 45-minute game with English-using activities to make an exciting, dynamic and full-of-enthusiasm atmosphere in which all attendants can connect with one another and have chances to grasp fabulous prizes of IZI.


Attendants from every corner of life come here to socialise with others


After the game, iziTalk continues with 20 minutes of presentation when speakers make public speeches and interact with viewers to improve stage confidence.   


A splendid opportunity to practise presentation skills and firm spirit on stage


Don’t you dare to make a public speech in English?


The presentation part leads to another exhilarating one -Debate about a topic. Attendants gain full freedom to express their own opinions and get on the floor to protect their points of view. This is the way to help them boost their confidence and firm spirit.


Finally, the event ends with the second 30-minute free talk part when guests get more time to have a further talk with their friends who share same needs to improve English or same ideas relating to society outside.


What can you get from iziTalk?


IZI always create a funnier, easier and better environment for attendants to share and practise English.


In details, participants can be able to practise listening skills with presentations from speakers who have made a very careful preparation over a month. With presentational topics regarding to personal stories, experiences, viewpoints ot lessons from learning life, these speeches not only enhance learners’ skills but also provide them with great lessons and new knowledge.


Especially, if someone gains full privilege to become a speaker of iziTalk, he/she will be trained in presentation skills such as making a script, express the language publicly and control body language, etc.


Everyone gradually gets more active and more confident by join  IZI events


All are totally free. IZI members will follow up and support the candidates during the period of preparation.


Who is iziTalk for?


The program is ideal for all who long to practise communicate naturally in English or improve listening, presentation skills or improve confidence when standing on stage. To be simpler, people can come just to socialise with others and learn new experience from speakers.


How to join the event?


iziTalk is now available in IZI Saigon. You can follow up our fanpage and register before coming.


Register link: here