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Shoot the breeze with iziBreeze

This event takes place weekly in six cities: Saigon, Hue, Da Nang, Hanoi, Vinh and Hai Phong. iziBreeze is now available at iziHue




A number of people are facing a problem of having basic  English but having no environment to practice their reflection ability. iziBreeze is an perfect/ wonderful environment for you to speak English.


What does iziBreeze have ?


Each iziBreeze takes place in 3 hours. In the first 30 minutes, this is the time to enjoy “Free talk” that you can use English freely, make friends or practice English.


iziBreeze at iziHue


The most interesting part of iziBreeze is “Thank God - IZI’s here”, in which people interact and solve the real situations on stage. Thanks to the event, your confidence and English reflection’s ability will be improved.


an event of truly English chatting


What does lziBreeze bring to you ?


Coming to iziBreeze, people  show not only their confidence in English but also their creativeness to solve the most difficult and unique situations given from IZI. Besides, the contents in the show are designed to be familiar with everyone.

a very fun and helpful iziBreeze.

Besides. situations created with popular topics can apply to daily life and make it easy to understand.

Are you ready to shoot the breeze ?


Who is iziBreeze for ?


When iziShare belongs to beginners and shares basic English, iziBreee belongs to people who have higher level and want to find a suitable  environment and practice their reflection’s ability.

You can choose the most suitable event to take part in!


iziBreeze at iziDanang

How to take part in iziBreeze ?


iziBreeze is currently in Hue. You can follow Fanpage and events in Hue to register before you come to events.

This is a non-profit event. The participants just pay for drink (10.000 - 20.000  dong) for the coffee shop.

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