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iziShare - Phonetics and Intonation

A weekly event held by IZI Hue, IZI Da Nang, IZI Vinh, IZI Hai Phong iziShare is now held in 4 cities: Hue, Da Nang, Vinh, Hai Phong


iziShare - Solution for studying English


iziShare is a weekly event held as a purpose of creating an environment of practicing English in a FUNNIER - EASIER - BETTER way. iziShare is also a beneficial “therapy” for the one who has trouble with learning English and whom is shy, unconfident with communication as well as themselves


iziShare in Da Nang

What does iziShare have?


In three hours, iziShare spends the first 30 mins for “Free Talk” in which you can freely make friends and get to know each others in English.


“Lesson” is when you can receives accurate tips in communication, vocabulary, pronunciation, tone through interactions, games which are presented by the funny MC. These will help you learn English in a most fun, memorable and natural way.


iziShare in Hai Phong

What can you get from iziShare?


Your English will be greatly improved if you have a revision environment. iziShare is the place just for that because a whole community full of young and energized people- who are craving to be better in English will help you.


Beside helping you improve English, IZI creates a place for integrating, bonding, creating opportunities to show off your skills, your teamworking as well as your confidence in life.


Come to iziShare right now and have new friends!

iziShare in Hue

Who is iziShare for?


iziShare encourages every individual to join. People who want to strengthen their foundation in English (vocabulary, pronunciation. grammar,..) are our main target audiences.


You will be energized with new learning styles and the recognition of easy English by knowing the right way to approach it. However, IZI is just the environment, you are the ones who have to make a difference by making habits, maintaining self motivation to archive the best result.

How to join iziShare?


Now iziShare is held in 4 branches of IZI English Community: IZI Hue, IZI Da Nang, IZI Vinh, IZI Hai Phong. Please register through links below. iziShare asks for no fee, you only have to pay for drinks that you order.

Register at: Here


IZI Hue https://www.facebook.com/IZI.Hue/
IZI Đa Nang https://www.facebook.com/IZI.DaNang/
IZI Vinh https://www.facebook.com/IZI.Vinh/
IZI Hai Phong https://www.facebook.com/IZI.HaiPhong/